Our Model

1. Application 
•Intern Application/Questionnaire 
•Parent Application/Questionnaire 
•Review by Directors 

•In-depth meet and greet to get to know client 
•10 minutes-2 hours, depending on individual 
•Parent/Caregiver present for additional information 
•Private ‘interview’/work session 
•Tour of facility 

Vocational Testing and Consultation
•Determine current skills set 
•Strengths and Weaknesses 
•Identify interests of individual 
•Target future employment setting based on interests of individual 

4. Job 
Training/Support and Internship 
•Will train in all aspects of facility to develop a well-rounded employee 
•Determine skills needed for job of choice and develop goals 
•Obtainable and measureable goals 
•3 Leveled Internship 

Job Placement 
•Within the community, with and without support 
•Based on interests and skills 
•Support based on need 
•Full/part time support and fade support when able 

Reviews and Reports 
•Daily, weekly, monthly 
•Will be determined by job performance 
•Frequent check-in’s to determine independence level and ability to move up in job. 
•Will assist in training for new positions or if certain skills have diminished. 

                   Our Mission

Pathways to Independence of Central Ohio is a nonprofit agency providing mentoring and job placement to recent high school graduates and young adults with disabilities in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. At Pathways to Independence, we strive to give employment and transition opportunities to individuals with disabilities that utilize their individual skills and interests. Pathways to Independence aspires to give individuals the ability to enrich their lives and their community through career participation.

In Ohio, there are more than 30,000 working-age adults with developmental disabilities who receive adult services. The vast majority of these services are provided in segregated settings. According to Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities data, only 24% of working-age adults in Ohio currently receive integrated employment services. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be successfully employed. 

The beliefs of Pathways to Independence of Central Ohio are the pursuit of the following principles:

•Commitment: Pathways to Independence will inspire pro-social friendships, build strong interpersonal skills, and instill a sense of hope and growth in the future.

•Possibility: Pathways to Independence will expand the perspective of individuals with disabilities to make them aware of life's possibilities.

Support: An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. Pathways to Independence will surround young people with disabilities with a caring, inclusive learning environment.