What is Customized Employment?

Customized Employment is a unique job placement service that focuses on identifying the unique characteristics and interests of the job seeker and identifying or creating a position that would best suit the job seeker’s profile. CE involves a formalized process called ‘Discovery’ which is an informal process of learning about the individual through a set of structured activities and interviews. The outcome of the service is that an employment goal that represents the unique individual is identified and then the individual progresses to other employment.

​What Pathways will do...

At Pathways, we know that many individuals have a passion for their own talents. Whether it is arts and crafts, customer service, or website development, we want everyone to have a shot at their dreams.

• Assist clients in being their own boss and marketing their personal skill set.

• Establish relationships with various business to allow individuals to explore all settings

• Help individuals begin their own business ventures

• Provide participants with the tools to, independently, be successful