What are Job Seeking Skills and Job Readiness Skills?

The purpose of Job Seeking Skills is to ensure individual has the skills and resources to assist in their job search or conduct a new job search. Job Readiness Training is designed to provide transitional youth and adults with work experiences while at the same time developing work skills and work behavior.

What Pathways will do...

At Pathways to Independence, we feel that many job skills need to be learned and then generalized to other settings. Since we are operating a functional business (Dog Day Care), all of our participants will rotate through different job responsibilities to help teach a variety of work experiences. Individuals will have the opportunity to work at the front desk, performing more office or clerical work, in the back with the dogs, or doing upkeep and maintenance work. By performing job tasks at Pathways to Independence, we simulate a real work experience so clients feel they have a job and are actively participating towards the greater good of a business. 

• locating job opportunities through the newspaper, online, job boards, and ‘cold calling’ techniques

• developing a job application template, resume, cover letter

• following up with employers after completing an application or interview

•addressing work accommodations

•how to handle difficult interview questions

• instruction on independent living skills such as budgeting, time management, development of vocational interests

•learning of work skills, improve work behaviors, build communication and interpersonal skills