​​Career Exploration is intended to provide the individual job seeker an opportunity

to interact and observe people performing job tasks within each career setting.

Vocational Testing and Consultation ​is utilized to help evaluate and

identify an individual’s vocational strengths, aptitudes, abilities, interests, and academic

skills to select a viable employment goal. 

Job Development and Job Coaching provides one-on-one instruction

to individuals who have been hired by an employer to help individuals learn job tasks,

develop natural and peer supports, and to adjust to the work environment. 

Travel Training is utilized to teach individuals how to travel independently on

public transportation.

Customized Employment focuses on identifying the unique characteristics

and interests of the job seeker and creating a position that would best suit the job seeker’s profile.

Summer Youth Work Experience designed for younger participants who will

benefit from job shadowing experiences or work experience to build career skills. 

Job Seeking Skills Training and Job Readiness Training is designed

to provide transitional youth and adults with work experiences while  developing work skills and

work behavior.

...to Meaningful Employment

A Person-Centered Approach...

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