​What is Vocational Testing and Consultation?

Vocational Testing is used to evaluate and identify an individual’s vocational strengths, aptitudes, abilities, interests, and academic skill levels to select a viable employment goal. Vocational Testing may include interviews with the individual, standardized test batteries, and simulated work samples.

What Pathways will do...

At Pathways to Independence, our vocational testing will consist of many different components. There isn’t one way to collect vocational assessment information so ours may include: 

•surveys and aptitude tests (written, pictorial, or through conversation)

•parent questionnaires


•hands on work experience (in the Dog Day Care)

Observation assessments would be performed to directly assess each individual with their daily routine. This allows Pathways to determine if individuals need training in self-help skills, social skills, hygiene, work ethics, following schedules/routines, performing specific job functions, among many more.

Since our agency operates a Dog Day Care as part of its model to teach individuals job skills, we will be using real life work experiences to identify strengths and focus areas for each person. There are many job responsibilities associated with a Dog Day Care that we are able to get a well-rounded idea of which specific job functions our clients will excel.